OHCA Provider Contracts

Personal Care-Agency renewal documents are available for the Living Choice, Sooner Seniors, My Life; My Choice, Medically Fragile, and ADvantage programs. When you click on the “Personal Care Agency” link, you will be able to download the Personal Care renewal documents. If you are a current provider for any of the four programs mentioned above, please complete the supplement in this renewal packet as well.

All completed renewal documents are to be submitted to:

Jeanene Bushyhead
PO Box 50550
Tulsa, OK 74150

If you have not contracted as a provider for the four OHCA programs yet, but would like
to become a new contractor, please contact:

Avis Hill
Oklahoma Health Care Authority

SoonerCare Renewal Contracts

Complete your renewal now by logging into the OHCA secure site and following these instructions:

  • After successful logon, your global messages, if any, will be displayed
  • Select the next button to go the provider’s main page.
  • Select “Update Provider File." Verify your information and make corrections or changes as allowed and click the submit button.
  • Print your personalized fax cover page and fax it with the signature page (notary isn’t necessary), a copy of your current license, and evidence of malpractice insurance to the number listed on the fax cover page.
  • Please submit one fax cover sheet that includes all required documentation only for this application/renewal.
  • If you have additional applications/renewals please fax that information separately.
Continue to the secure site for online enrollment